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For those who prefer to use LJ, there is also a sign-up post here.

Edit: Some people have had a problem booking a room at our special rate, but we've spoken to the hotel and all is sorted! Note that you do need to book by phone rather than online.

Friday 7th September to Sunday 9th September

Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry, CV1 3GG

Membership Cost: £42.
This covers room hire, refreshments during breaks (including tea, coffee, pastries and cookies!) on Saturday and on Sunday morning, a private room for the Saturday evening buffet (but not the cost of the buffet itself, nor of other meals) and a GOODY BAG!

Friday: Introductions, quiz, goody bags and socialising.
Saturday: A full day of talks, workshops and a craft session, followed by more socialising and the buffet.
Sunday morning: More talks, the AGM, the raffle, even more socialising... and goodbyes :-(

Members are responsible for booking their own accommodation. [personal profile] gillo and [personal profile] hab318princess have arranged a special rate, so just mention that you're attending the Writercon event. The price is £70 per night for a single room and £80 for a double, and includes a breakfast buffet (where you can choose anything from a full English breakfast to fruit and yogurt). Car parking is free as a special favour to us.

As usual, there will be optional alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, and an optional Friday evening trip to the Lebanese restaurant, Aqua.


Please, unless you really can't avoid it, don't wait until the last minute to sign up.

At last year's AGM, members voted to increase the membership fee to by £5 to £42 to cover increased costs. Financially, however, we will still need 19 people to ensure that we can pay for the venue, plus wine and goody bags. Last year, and the year before, we had a scare, and for a while we thought we'd have to cancel the event. This year, we'll be posting reminders on LJ and Dreamwidth, and sending out emails, [personal profile] hils will be promoting us on social media as usual, and we'll generally be chasing you a bit. At the AGM we discussed setting a cut-off date ("Sign up by such-a-date or it's off") but no one can decide on a sensible date, so please sign up as soon as you can! You can pay nearer the time.


Signing up
To sign up for Writercon UK 2018, just comment on this post, copying and pasting the template below. The comments are screened, and if we need to clarify anything, I'll contact you by PM.

Your data -- username, real name, email address and PayPal account name -- will be used for the purpose of organising Writercon UK meetings only. It will be stored securely for two years, after which time it will be deleted, but you can ask to be removed from our mailing list and have your data deleted at any time.

You can register now, and pay later. Last call for payments will be a month before the event, but we'll remind you before that if you haven’t paid up!

This year we're using PayPal's 'Send money to friends and family' facility.

To send your payment,

  1. Log in to your own PayPal Account.

  2. At the top of the page, click Send or Request Money.

  3. Click Send Money.

  4. Enter the email address shown below and click Next.

  5. Enter £42.00, select 'Sending to a friend or to family', add your fandom name*, then scroll down and click Continue.

    *Because your PayPal account name may be different from your fandom name and we need to know who's paid!

  6. Click Send Money Now.

  7. PayPal confirms your transaction. It's done!


[personal profile] tlanti and [personal profile] kazzy_cee will be recruiting speakers/workshop leaders shortly, and we'll remind you about raffle prizes nearer the time.

Finally - don't forget to pimp Writercon UK to all your friends!


People signed up so far (20):

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