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Just two weeks to go until the meeting!

We have 16 people signed up so far, so there is still room for more. (If you want to see who you'll be spending the weekend with, there's a list of attendees on the sign-up post, here).

Here is the programme for this year's event, with a craft workshop, discussions, and lots of fun!


One of the highlights of the weekend is the free raffle, which we hold on the Sunday morning as part of our AGM. Everybody--yes, everybody!--gets to choose a prize, and sometimes, thanks to the generosity of their fellow attendees, everybody gets to choose two!

In the past, we've had books, dvds, stationery, action figures and other fandom toys, wine, chocolates, offers of original artwork (including custom-made story banners), and beautiful knitted items, all donated by our generous attendees.

So when you pack your suitcase, please don't forget to bring one or two items for the raffle!

Friday Night trip to the Lebanese Restaurant

Last year, most of us ate at the Aqua Lebanese restaurant (which is just a few minutes' walk from the hotel) on the Friday night. The food was delicious and we had a lot of fun.

Please comment on this post if you'd like to eat at the restaurant, and I will book a table.
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It's just two and a half months to WriterconUK! We already have 14 people signed up for the weekend:

[personal profile] bogwitch
[personal profile] gillo
[personal profile] hab318princess
[personal profile] hils
[personal profile] hobbituk
[personal profile] kazzy_cee
[personal profile] lilachigh
- Luke Bannon (lbjb247)
[personal profile] ningloreth
- Pixie Barefoot
[profile] speakr2customrs
[personal profile] spikereader
[personal profile] tlanti
[personal profile] txorakeriak

and a full programme of talks and workshops planned, including

[personal profile] kazzy_cee -- Music in fandom
[personal profile] gillo -- Inspiration without plagiarism
[personal profile] hab318princess -- Giving feedback
[profile] speakr2customrs -- Writing the perfect line
[personal profile] ningloreth -- Why we love fictional characters
[personal profile] hils -- Social media and fandom (discussion)
[personal profile] hobbituk -- Craft session
[personal profile] tlanti -- Getting inspiration from the things around you

(We'll post a proper timetable nearer the event). In addition, there will be the usual socialising, including

- Goody Bags
- Friday night's fandom quiz
- an optional trip to the Lebanese restaurant
- cocktails
- Saturday night's buffet
- the raffle
- and lots of time to talk about fandom and have fun with like-minded people.

And we still have room for more! Full details and the sign-up post are here on LiveJournal and here on Dreamwidth.
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 The official sign up and suggestion post :)
We are currently in the early stages of planning talks/sessions and so far we have - music in fandom, how we relate to fandom characters, (hopefully) a craft/practical session and at least one discussion session....
However - we still have a few 30 - 60 minute slots available so If you have something you would like to suggest even if you would rather not lead the talk/discussion yourself we would love to hear from you (yes, YOU!). 
If you would like to be a part of the presentations please get in touch! 
We can offer support and advice for any ideas so comment below and we can then start to finalise the programme for another fun packed WriterconUK event :)
We would rather have too many ideas so that we can pick the best - so do suggest something even if you don't want to deliver it or aren't able to attend. If you DO want to attend (and why wouldn't you?) it's not too late to sign up - more details here.
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Friday September 15th to Sunday 17th September

Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry, CV1 3GG

Membership Cost: £39.
This covers room hire, refreshments on Saturday and on Sunday morning, a private room for the Saturday evening buffet (but not the cost of the buffet itself, nor of other meals) and a GOODY BAG!

Friday: Introductions, quiz, goody bags and socialising.
Saturday: A full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, followed by more socialising and the buffet.
Sunday morning: More talks, the AGM, the raffle, even more socialising... and goodbyes :-(

Members are responsible for booking their own accommodation. [personal profile] gillo has once again arranged a special rate, so just mention that you're attending the Writercon event. The price is £70 for a single room and £80 for a double, and there will be a 15% discount for members on all food and drink charged to your room over the weekend! Car parking is free as a special favour to us. (The hotel does not own the car park).

There will be cocktail menus and a Friday evening trip to the Lebanese restaurant, Aqua, with sign-up sheets, as usual.


To sign up for Writercon UK 2017, just comment on this post, copying and pasting the template below. The comments are screened, and if we need to clarify anything, I'll contact you by PM.

You can register now, and pay later. Last call for payments will be a month before the event, but we'll remind you before that if you haven’t paid up!

This year we've decided to use PayPal's 'Send money to friends and family' facility.

Instructions under the cut... )

Note that membership numbers are limited to a maximum of 40, and membership will be on a first-come first-served basis :-)

Financially, the minimum number of people we need to make the event possible is 18.


[personal profile] tlanti and [personal profile] kazzy_cee will be recruiting speakers/workshop leaders shortly, and we'll remind you about raffle prizes nearer the time.

Finally - don't forget to pimp Writercon UK to all your friends!


People signed up so far:

[personal profile] bogwitch
[personal profile] enchantersnight
[personal profile] gillo
[personal profile] hab318princess
[personal profile] hils
[personal profile] hobbituk
[profile] immoral_crow
[personal profile] kazzy_cee
[personal profile] lilachigh
Luke Bannon (lbjb247)
[personal profile] ningloreth
Pixie Barefoot
[profile] speakr2customrs
[personal profile] spikereader
[personal profile] tlanti
[personal profile] txorakeriak
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This is a plea as the treasurer of the UK WriterCon group!

If you are thinking of coming to meet up in Coventry in September, but haven't quite decided, could you possible let me/us know that you are a possible?

This is because we have to start buying goody-bag stuff - and I need a rough idea of how many of each (new and exciting) thing to buy!

Also we need a rough idea of how many people to organise the sweeties for... It would be terrible if we underestimated and ran out.

So - if you've been meaning to sign up, but not quite got around for it - here is the sign-up post; you don't have to pay right away, either.

And if you just want to say 'I might be coming', leave a comment here, or send me a message or whatever works for you.

And finally; [personal profile] hobbituk says she will be driving up from somewhere in the Greater London area (you'll have to ask her where - I'm a bit vague about it I fear), and will happily give anyone* who contacts her a lift.

*Well - until her car is full, anyway!
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Sign up post for WriterConUK 2014


Friday September 12th to Sunday 14th September


Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry City Centre.

Membership Cost: £35.

This covers our room hire, refreshments on Saturday and Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon, our private room for Saturday evening dinner (but not the cost of that dinner or other meals) and, of course GOODY BAGS.


Full programme will be available closer to the dates, but in outline you can expect; Quiz/Icebreaker, Goodie Bags and Introductions on Friday evening.

A full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, on Saturday, followed by socialising, and supper*.

More socialising, drawing of the raffle, and AGM on Sunday morning.

A special cocktail menu will be available at the bar just for us, as last year.


Members will be responsible for booking their own accommodation. Gill is discussing with the hotel whether we can get a special rate again this year - if you haven't been before here is their website.

Now the sign up bit; the comments to this post are screened and, to keep them that way, we will not reply directly to them. This means you can feel free to put the relevant info here. But if you prefer you can send it to me, or to [personal profile] gillo or [personal profile] tlanti, by PM. As long as we know the following;

1. The name you would like to have listed on your badge and the attendees list
2. Your fandoms (for quiz/icebreaker and workshop planning purposes)
3. Your primary fandom character (or pairing, if applicable) (this might be useful for the magical goodie bag creators) If you can also point to a source of pictures and information on less common fandoms, that would be wonderful too.
4. Any dietary preferences.

You may copy and paste this template, if it helps:

Your Online/Fandom Name:
Primary Fandom and Pairing/Character:
Particular dietary preferences:


You may register now, by commenting to this post, without paying just yet – last call for payments will be a month before the event – but we are likely to start poking you before that if you haven’t paid up!

To pay - use this PayPal button.

Unless you make your on-line name obvious from your Paypal payment details please either include the name that the payment will come from in you info in the screened comment, or use the private message function to contact [personal profile] curiouswombat and let me know your real name, so that I can match the Paypal payment with your online identity. This is important, otherwise I will end up with a number of payments with no matching attendee, and a number of attendees without matching payments…

Please note:

Membership numbers are limited to a maximum of 40. Membership will be on a first- come first-served basis.

There is a list of those who have already signed up HERE.

Finally - please do spread the word!

PS - I am actually deleting the comments regularly, after copying the info, to prevent any of us accidentally unscreening them - so don't be worried if your comment seems to have disappeared.
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I have an apology to make - I realise, looking back over notes from the last committee meeting, in June, that as I was the person most able to make a post, I was meant to do this then.

Re Committee Membership;

[personal profile] daiseechain has decided to step down from her post as Secretary at the AGM in August, This means that she needs to be replaced this year.

[personal profile] gillo & I would be very happy to also step down, as we will have served for longer than previous committee members, should anyone want to take over as either Chairperson or Treasurer We are, otherwise, giving a full year's notice that we will step down at the AGM in 2014.
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I've just been looking at travel to and from the event - and at travel down to London on the Sunday afternoon, as I'm having a few days there with my daughter before going home. And if you book this early you can travel to Coventry on Friday early afternoon and back to London on the Sunday afternoon, First Class for only £16.00 each way.
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It's that time again!


Yes, that time of year when your committee go before you, caps in hands, bearing reminders that Writercon UK is nothing without the presentations and workshops that take place. Well, apart from the cocktails, obviously. And we'd love to hear from anyone who wants to present or run a workshop at this year's Event.


Have you been burning all year to furnish us with knowledge of the arcane arts of using crayons to depict scenes from Game Of Thrones? 


Can you convince us that your word-smithery is second to none, by presenting Supernatural in iambic pentameter?


Do your actual-knitted-sock-puppets regularly perform The Hobbit on direct-to-you-tube?


All forms of writing, all the arts, and all the crafts are welcome!


Whether you want to share your experiences, or teach us how, we'll be glad to hear from you! 


Feel free to leave a comment or to contact your friendly exec-members direct, and let us know what you'd like to do.

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From the announcement by Gillo on LJ:

"I went to the Ramada today to arrange our booking. It appears they have a long-standing "first of the month" booking for "our" rooms for the Saturday afternoon. 

Members voted for the first weekend in August back when we ran the poll. (That had already been booked by the Enemy Group even then. My bad for not checking first - many apologies.)

Our options are find a new hotel, try to force the Ramada to change their minds by threatening to find a new hotel, or go for the following weekend, the 9th-11th August.

might be able to pressure the hotel into evicting their prior booking. I admit I am reluctant to do so - they are very keen to have us and are trying to get as close to last year's price as possible, and I'd like to maintain a positive relationship as far as possible.

Please vote in the poll and add any comments you wish to. If anyone has already booked time off and can't change, I'm very, very sorry for messing you around.

Please vote in the poll as we'd like your opinion on whether to change weekends or hotels.

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Hello all

The December 1st mini-meet has had a spanner thrown in the works. If you were/are planning on attending please head over to our livejournal account (for some reason DW hates my links today?) for information and stay tuned for further details.

The Occasionally Organized Secretary.

2013 event

Jul. 8th, 2012 09:09 pm
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Can I get a drumroll please?

The poll results have been counted and verified and I can now reveal the date of next year's event

2nd-4th August 2013

YAY! For those organised enough to have calendars and diaries for next year already make a note. For everyone else make a mental note, book the time off work, arrange a babysitter etc

See you there!
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I have both the Bad!Sex Scene and the Bad!Death Scene pieces written in Coventry, but I can't track down a copy of the Bad!Romance Scene. It seems best to post them in the correct order - so if you happen to have a copy of the Bad!Romance it would be excellent if you either posted it here, or passed it on to me to go with the other two, and then we can have all three on the community for posterity.

If no-one can track it down I will go ahead and post the other two anyway - probably at the weekend, maybe next week.
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Greetings Writerconners!

As promised, we are preparing the date for next year's event nice and early so that you have plenty of time to plan and prepare. Please take a moment to fill in the below poll and let us know your preferences. We'll keep the poll open until the end of the month to allow people time to respond and we'll let you know the date after that.

In the event of a tie we may hold a tie-break poll or leave the decision in the hands of our glorious leaders.

Head on over to LJ to vote in the poll here.

If you don't have an LJ account or cannot vote for whatever reason please drop a comment here with your preferred dates and we'll add them to the tally at the end.
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Oh dear! So much for group members at the event keeping those of you who weren't able to be there up to date... I apologise on behalf of everyone.

The only excuse is that we were busy 'doing things'.

The Ramada Hotel in Coventry now knows us pretty well - and upgraded almost all of us from basic rooms to the slightly more up-market ones that have their own wee sitting area.

They also coped with the request for us to be able to watch Eurovision as a group - reserving the TV end of the bar for us so that we could all sit and snark and cheer/jeer as the acts required, whilst drinking assorted beverages, many of them of an alcoholic nature. I have discovered that I rather like Martini after-eight cocktails!

But this is looking past the main part of the event...

I return to Saturday morning under this cut )

And I will finish there for now - much fun had, things learnt - and the report still to come from when we actually shared what we had learnt with each other on Sunday morning.
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Well, I can't speak for everyone obviously, but I certainly had a lot of fun at the 2012 Event and it seems as if most people enjoyed themselves.

We managed to fit some presentations in amongst the refreshment breaks, cocktails, and dinners, and Saturday night was enhanced by some pretty spectacularly bad performances. And then after Eurovision we outdid ourselves with masterpiece theatre the likes of which you will never see again (we can only hope).

Shortly the presentations will be available here as vodcasts, and the minutes of possibly the shortest AGM in the history of Writercon UK will go up.

But before you come over all flush with those exciting prospects consider this: There will be mini-meets later this year! Oh yes, there will! And next year too!

And before you hyperventilate yourself into a faint, any day soon the poll to decide dates for next year's Event weekend will go up!

But wait... There's more! We already have a full line-up of presentations for 2013's Event!

Yes! You read that correctly! (Can I get any more exclamation marks into this post? Yes! I can!) We have a full line-up!* And it's not even 2013 yet!

*All presenter appearances subject to work commitments
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It's this Friday!

It's This Friday!

Are you excited yet?

Bring your excitement! Bring your enthusiasm! Bring your best heckles and one-liners!



Your committee would just like to quietly and professionally remind you that The Event begins this Friday and is scheduled to last until the alcohol runs out Sunday afternoon.

Thank you.

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Just over 3 weeks until Coventry now!

As has become traditional, everyone will get a 'raffle number' in their goody-bags. This is the reminder that we need prizes!

Got any odd fandom things you don't want any more? We've had books, T-shirts, posters, Spike action figures... I have a brilliant bag which is just the right size for my netbook that came out of the raffle a couple of years ago - bearing a discreet buffy logo.

Or something else geeky? We've had music tracks from movies, journals and note-books to help you write down your ideas if you still like a pen, a 'how to write fantasy book', promises to make icons or banners...

Chocolate or other comestibles? We got some excellent, and interesting, New Zealand goodies last year - and Quinara definitely left clutching a bottle...

You can even donate more than one thing if you want - we'll happily go round till we run out of prizes!
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Here at the secret underground exec bunker we're well underway with the planning of this year's Event Of The Year and we think you'll like what's coming your way.

If The Event were an episode of our favourite shows the characters would be rolling between the sheets1, stealing top secret documents2, and staring death in the face3 before sauntering through their home town in a victory parade with banners proclaiming their glory4. And those are only the snippets we can show you on the trailer without giving the ending away!

The Event 2012! Don't change the channel because this is one episode you won't want to miss!

1. writing sex scenes
2. plagiarism and how not to do it
3. death in fic
4. creating banners


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